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Following are the total list of Sattra's in the river island of Majuli:-

  1. Dhunyanhat or Belguri sattra
    This is the first Sattra.
    This Sattra established by SRIMANTA SANKARDEVA in between 1497 AD to 1539 AD .
    In this Sattra SRIMANTA SANKARDEVA and SRI MADHABDEV met each other.This meeting is known as "MANIKANCHAN SHANGJOG".
    This Sattra was transfered to "Kasikota" of Lakhimpur District because of Erosion by the river Brahmaputra.
  2. Adi Alengi Sattra ( Transferred )
    Adi Alengi Sattra (branch at Majuli)
  3. Boralengi Sattra (Malual)
  4. Boralengi Sattra (Balichapari)
  5. Boralengi Sattra (Borgoyan branch)
  6. Boralengi Sattra (Transferred)
  7. Takoubari Sattra
  8. Bahjengoani Sattra
  9. Ahatguri Sattra (Transferred)
  10. Sakupara Sattra
  11. Garamur Sattra
  12. Bihimpur Sattra
  13. Motiabaribihimpur Sattra (Adibihimpur Sattra)
  14. Bhogpur Sattra
  15. Kamalabari Sattra (transferred)
  16. Kamalabari Sattra (New Sattra)
  17. Kamalabari Sattra (North)
  18. Dakhinpat Sattra
  19. Auniati Sattra
  20. Dikhoumukhia Alengi Sattra
  21. Bogiaai Alengi Sattra (Transferred)
  22. Punia Sattra (transferred)
    Punia Sattra (Branch)
  23. Bhagoti Sattra
  24. Letugram Sattra (transferred)
  25. Moderguri Sattra (transferred)
  26. Belsiddhiya Sattra
  27. Owa Sattra
  28. Adhar Sattra
  29. Digholi Sattra (transferred)
  30. Bengenaati Sattra
  31. Narasimha Sattra
  32. Samaguri Sattra (Majuli or Newly established)
  33. Samaguri Sattra (Old)
  34. Baghargayan Sattra (transferred)
  35. Karatipara Sattra (transferred)
  36. Chakala Sattra (transferred)
    Chakala Sattra (Branch)
  37. Anantakalsila Sattra
  38. Botorgayan Sattra (transferred)
  39. Pohardiya Sattra (transferred)
  40. Nachonipar Sattra (transferred)
  41. Ulutolia Sattra (transferred)
  42. Douka Chapori Sattra (transferred)
  43. Kathbapu Sattra (transferred)
  44. Katonipar Sattra (transferred)
  45. Kalakota Sattra (transferred)
  46. Koupotiya Sattra (transferred)
  47. Kherkotia Sattra (transferred)
  48. Gojola Sattra (transferred)
  49. Dihiiing Sattra (transferred)
  50. Randhoni Bor Allengi Sattra (transferred)
  51. Chupoha Sattra (transferred)
  52. Fulbari Sattra (transferred)
  53. Kakorikota Sattra (transferred)
  54. Kamjonia allengi Sattra (transferred)
  55. Nepali Sattra (transferred)
  56. Saudkuchi Sattra (transferred)
  57. Laiati Sattra (transferred)
  58. Hemarbori Sattra (transferred)
  59. Dichiri Sattra (transferred)
  60. Nikamul Sattra (transferred)
  61. Ratanpur Borkolia Sattra (transferred)
  62. Doloni Samaguri Sattra
  63. Garamur Saru Sattra
  64. Dakhinpat Ashromi Sattra
Additional Sattras
  1. Madhya Majuli Kamalabari Sattra
  2. Sarjan Na Sattra