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This festival had been celebrating from 6th November to 9th November.

Majuli is the lone place in the State where the Raas Leela of Lord Krishna is celebrated through the plays enacted by the devouts. For the past several centuries, it is the tradition of the Majuli people to pay their obeisance to Lord Krishna by enacting his Raas Leela themselves.

During the Raas festival, Majuli becomes a veritable place for pilgrimage. For the believers, the island becomes the abode of the Lord and other divinely figures during this four-day festival starting from the Raas Purnima day.


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This festival had been celebrating from 12th November to 16th at Auniati Sattra & on 17th November at Garmur sattra.

'Paalnaam' is a compound word, pal and nam. Pal (Sanskrit paryaya for one after another) means by turn and nam means congregational prayer, chanting the name of God. And so, paalnaam means holding of incessant congregational prayer or chanting of the name of God by the inmates of the Sattra in group and in rotation. This is celebrated on a large scale in the Auniati Sattra during the last five days of the Kati month (October-November). A lot of people from all over Assam come to take part in this programme. It is a congregational prayer which continues for few days. Palnam is organized by other Sattras too, but they have options to select the dates and duration for holding it. For example, in the Garamur Sattra it is celebrated for one day only which starts on the closing day of the Paalnaam at Auniati.