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This festival is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Krishna. It falls on the eighth lunar day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadra of the Indian calendar. Some of the Satras perform it for two days, while in some others it is performed for one day. It is marked by the offering of Puja, holding of the congregational prayer - nam-prasanga, fasting(brat), and performance of drama depicting the birth of Lord Krishna. It is believed that fasting on the day of Janmastami would bring immense religious merit (punya) equal to the offering of panda (oblution) in the holy waters of Ganga. On the contrary, those who do not observe fast shall take their birth as demon (rakshasa). The coconut which is indispensable as an item of offering in all other religious functions is prohibited to be offered in the Janmastami; on the other hand, pakamithoi is a special item in the offerings during this festival.
Janmastami is believed to be a day of thick cloud and heavy shower with much thunderstorm and if the night passes without rain and thunderstorm, people consider the day to be unenjoyable.