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The Bisu of the Deoris begins in the first Wednesday of the (mid-April) month of Bohag. The Bisu is both a secular and a religious festival. Preparations for the Bisu festival are made for the whole month of Chot preceding the festival. The actual festival starts on the first Wednesday of the Bohag month along with the worship of their god Kundi-Mama (Hara-Gauri) with the sacrifice of thirteen fowls at the sal (shrine) of the priest. On the first day the young and old together go to the house of the chief priest and spend the whole night dancing and singing there. The next morning they go to the river and take common bath and also bathe their cattle. Since that day till the next Wednesday the young girls and boys of the village dance and sing at the open Marang house of the Gosani Sal.

The Deoris have certain reservations about entering the thanghar. They consider 'dumahi' to be inauspicious. That's why they don't celebrate the sankranti of magh or bohag bihu as done by the general Assamese community. They consider Wednesday or Thursday to be auspicious days. Hence, they consider only the first Wednesday after the magh or bohag sankranti as uruka and only then the Carideoris perform puja in the thanghar.