Majuli Cultural Landscape Management Authority
...Promoting and preserving the rich heritage of Majuli


  1. Tower line at the Khabalu Ghat over the Subansiri would be installed.
  2. From the Luit River, 33 KV/11KV S/S Garamur, 33 KV pole maintain line would be renovated.
  3. Another 2.5 MVA power transformer is required due to load increase. The existing 2.5 MVA transformer is already over-loaded.
  4. 33 KV/11KV control room would be well-equipped with operating equipment. The present conventional-type fusing system is very dangerous for the personnel working there.
  5. A separate Bongaon 11 KV feeder from swich yards is required due to the burden on the Jengrai feeder.
  6. The Kamalabari 250 KVA transformer would be shifted to Kamalabari Chariali to centralize the load as well as to ensure the improvement in voltage.
  7. Due to the overloading of the Kamalabari 250 KVA transformer, another 100 KVA transformer would be installed at the existing substation.
  8. About 300 joist poles would be replaced.
  9. Inspection drives would be carried out at regular intervals to detect and prevent cases of power thefts.